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Benjamin Casa Palma Goliat Wilkats de Asturcoons E-Special Eugene Patriarca Bartholomew Patriarca
Sesamee Patriarca
E*Hispanicoons E-Pamina Masaitana Puma
Fancy Of Sumapons Charming
Good Rosie Wilkins-E Bruno De Entre Naranjos B/Falstaff Dels Magics De I`Emporda
Lady Milli Vanilli From Bay Of Fundy
Cinky Calico Patriarca Arnie Patriarca
Orionsister Patriarca
Kemikat`s Chanel Gigant`s Ivanhoe Florian`s Mikkel Charlie Brown Mainrita
Løvehulen`s Hippie
Gigant`s Beauty Marquardt`s Mike Tyson
Wimmer`s Inter Arma Silent Musæ
Kemikat` Andrea Celeber Mike Tayson Guldfakse`s Bradford
Willowplace Topaz
Nakipa`s Gina Pusling`s Tommassino
Nakipa`s Candy-Coon





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