IC. Koontucky Sandstorm of Chamberlain CH. Nascat's Sterling Marlin of Koontucky GC. RW. Nascat's R/R Phantom of Coonoquan GC. Avicats Vercace of Coonoquan
GC. Nascat`s Waving The Checkers
GP. CH. Nascat's The White Flag Lap GC&RW. Stormwatch`s Dirtrack Demon of Nascat
CH. Stormwatch`s Islip Memory of Nascat
Koontucky Damaviscotta CH. Koontucky Macmarvelous of Kellycat Koontucky Just As Marvelous
Emlu Macarena of Koontucky
Donnahugh Tobey of Koontucky CH. Meunerie Thaddeus Carver 
Coonmora`s Damariscotta of Koontucky
EC. Capecoon's Sweet Melissa GC. Capecoon's Lucas CH. Khamsin's Brubeck of the Unicat Walmet`s Rhett Butler
Coonskin`s Zofdig
Coonmora's Hugger of Capecoon Coonmora`s Fantastic Sam
Coonmora`s Shameless Flirt
Capecoon's Natalie Capecoon's Commander Coady Capecoon`Cajun Spice
Willowplace Diamond of Capecoon
Princess Fluffy of Capecoon CH. Cowtown`s Q.T.
Ogunquit`s American Tail




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